Chiastic Structures
The Old Testament
Chiastic Parallels
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16 Jehovah says, moreover,
Because the women of Zion are haughty and put on airs, painting their eyes,
ever flirting when they walk and clacking with their feet, 17 my Lord will afflict the scalps
of the women of Zion with baldness; Jehovah will expose their private parts.


18 In that day my Lord will strip away their finery—the anklets, head ornaments and crescents, 19 the pendants, chains and scarves, 20 tiaras, bracelets and ribbons, zodiac signs and charm amulets, 21 the rings, the noselets, 22 the elegant dress, the shawl, the kerchief and the purse, 23 hosiery, sheer linen, millinery, and cloaks.
24 And instead of perfume there shall be a stench,
instead of the girdle, a piece of twine, instead of the coiffure, baldness,
instead of the festive dress, a loincloth of burlap; for in place of beauty
there shall be ignominy. 25 Your men shall be felled by the sword,
your might overthrown in war. 26 Her gateways shall lie bereaved and forlorn;
she shall sit on the ground destitute.


1 Seven women will take hold of one man
in that day, and say, We will eat our own food,
wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name—
take away our reproach!


2 In that day the plant of Jehovah shall be beautiful and glorious, and the earth’s fruit the pride and glory of the survivors of Israel.


3 Then shall they who are left in Zion and they who remain in Jerusalem be called holy—all who were inscribed to be among the living at Jerusalem. 4 This shall be when my Lord has washed away the excrement of the women of Zion and cleansed Jerusalem of its bloodshed, in the spirit of justice, by a burning wind. 5 Over the whole site of Mount Zion, and over its solemn assembly, Jehovah will form a cloud by day and a mist glowing with fire by night: above all that is glorious shall be a canopy. 6 It shall be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, a secret refuge from the downpour and from rain.