Chiastic Structures
The Old Testament
Chiastic Parallels
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2 Why are you clothed in red, your garments
like those who tread grapes in the winepress? 3 Alone I have trodden out a vatful;
of the nations no one was with me.


I trod them down in my anger;
in my wrath I trampled them. Their lifeblood spattered my garments,
and I have stained my whole attire. 4 For I had resolved on a day of vengeance,


and the year of my redeemed had come. 5 I glanced around, but none would lend help;
I glared, but no one would assist.


So my own arm brought about salvation for me,
and my wrath, it assisted me. 6 I trod nations underfoot in my anger;
I made them drunk by my rage when I cast their glory to the ground.


7 I will recount in praise of Jehovah
Jehovah’s loving favors, according to all that Jehovah has done for us,
according to the great kindness he has mercifully and most graciously
rendered the house of Israel.


8 For he thought, Surely they are my people,
sons who will not play false; and so he became their Savior:
9 with all their troubles he troubled himself,
the angel of his presence delivering them. In his love and compassion


he himself redeemed them;


he lifted them up and carried them
all the days of old.


10 Yet they rebelled and grieved his holy Spirit,
till he became their enemy and himself fought against them.